7 Tricks To Save Money While Fishing

February 22, 2019 Off By Roberta Barnett

Fishing is an expensive hobby.  The basic requirements for fishing are reels, rods, motors, boats, life preservers, trolling motors, etc.  If you don’t wish your hobby to create a hole in your pocket, you need to plan your purchase and plan the trip wisely so that you could save money. Below mentioned are a few tips you could consider to save money while planning for a fishing trip.

Don’t get carried away by marketing gimmick –There will be many advertisements showing fishing accessories that you actually don’t need. Buy only those things that are essential for the fishing trip. Visit www.spinningreelguide.net/best-ultralight-spinning-reel/ to buy the things that are mandatory for the trip.  

Learn to make baits at home rather than resorting to store-bought- You could learn different ways to make bait at home rather than buying from a shop as it will help in lowering the fishing cost.

Re-tie– Losing the lure is quite unfortunate and is a costly affair. If you don’t take adequate precaution, you will lose it more frequently. In order to avoid this scenario, you should keep re-tying it in order to minimize the baits you lose.

Buy the gears during the sale- Look for off-season sale to buy the gear at a discounted price.

Reverse the braid –By the end of the fishing season, you need to flip the braid.  Most of wear and tear would have absorbed by the first 20 or 30 yards.  Reversing the braid will leave you with a fresh part on top.

Travel to the nearest lake- You can save easily a lot of money on gas or travel ticket if you choose the nearest lake instead of traveling far. Shop for used items- You can buy used items for things like trolling motors, downriggers, bigger depth finders, etc.  It will help in saving you a lot of money.